Caridad Svich

On a recent drizzly weekday afternoon downtown, I meet Caridad Svich for a cup of coffee and a chance to discuss her work.  I first came across Caridad’s voice (working in translation and adaptation) as a reader for the literary department of a large Chicago area theatre several years ago.  I was so entranced by a world she created in one of her plays that appeared in my script pile that I connected with her by email, and I’ve kept track of her ever since.  Just this year the American Theatre Critics Association awarded her the Francesca Primus Prize for her play The House of the Spirits (see the press release at And now that I live in Manhattan, I have watched even more carefully for the chance to catch her work on stage or (as happened recently in a conference room at the newly refurbished Lark Playwright Development Center‘s new facilities on West 43rd Street) read around a table by professional actors laughing and crying and enlivening the text.  Her new play Guapa about a family in the Texas borderland was the subject of that table read.  Two days later, the subject for us is her work in general. Read More: click here.

© Martha Wade Steketee (September 29, 2011)

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